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Image Gallery December - 2013
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Book #2 "Always & Forever, Love" African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong


As we come to the end of 2013 we're continuing on our mission to publish the second book in the series of "Successful Marriages" under the title: "Always & Forever, Love". The main focus of this soon to be published book highlighting "Successful African American Marriages" is to uplift, encourage, and celebrate Successful Marriages within the African American community.

This book will serve as a reminder of the fact that even though many African Americans came to the United States as slaves and were forbidden to have a family or create family units, we've persevered, and through it all we've had and are continuing to have success in the areas of marriage and family, contrary to the fact that some statistics point to the fact that most (African American marriages) end in divorce.

Healthy, happy, loving, and lasting African American marriages are all around us!

Get your Pre-Published Copy of Always & Forever, Love --The African American Edition now!!
Our estimated completion date is approximately December, 2014. As we complete the photography, interviews, writing, editing, layout and design we're selling pre-published copies of the book. Click on the following link and order your copy.  Always&Forever, Love---The African American Edition.

All Pre-Published copies purchased will be autographed, numbered, and embossed.  Each person ordering will also have their name appear in the Acknowledgments as an expression or our appreciation for your support! Thanks in advance!

Although we are working on the second in the series of "Successful Marriages" the first book is still available for purchase as a printed book or an ebook. Purchase your copy of "Always & Forever, Love" @

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