Apr 7 2017

Formula DRIFT – 2017 Long Beach, CA

The streets of  Downtown Long Beach came alive this past weekend with qualifying for Formula DRIFT on Friday and the race on Saturday. This race kicks of the 2017 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, a race that made it’s debut through the streets of Long Beach 40 + Years ago.

Spectators came from near and far to attend the car show, meet the drivers, win prizes,  view DRIFTING Event and just have fun in the sun of southern California. This week’s race events are expected to draw more than a quarter million people to Long Beach, which is the single largest event in the city. The excitement starts again today as qualifying for the main event of the Grand Prix on Sunday.  Rain is a possibility for this weekends’ race, but it’s still to be determined if it will have an impact on the race. Regardless of the rain, the sun will shine, and this race will go down in history as another success!


Apr 2 2017

Working on Book #3

Otis @ Work

The Finishing touches are happening for book #3, The Best of The “Image Gallery” and is scheduled to be released May 7th, 2017.

This ebook takes approx. 10 months of writing and images from my first website where I displayed 7 black and white images that changed on the 7th of each month. I’ll post a link to purchase as soon as it’s ready.

Photo by Greg Page


Mar 20 2017

Spring Is Here!

Today is the first day of Spring!

Each year after the growing season our garden looks like the above photo on the left. Nothing is left except collard greens; they are number one on the menu for snails. It’s my job to clear everything out to be ready for the coming growing season.(Photo on Right) My wife does most of the planting. I’ve been planning to grow prize winning tomatoes since it’s difficult to find any in the grocery that tastes anything like a tomato.

Aug 19 2016

Backyard Grapes!!


This year I experienced a grape-vine fatality.  The California seedless grape-vine I was growing died.  I still can’t figure it out since last year it was fine, although all the grapes burst before they were ripe. I was looking forward to the grapes being better this year.  Fortunately I started a new growth from it and hopefully it will produce next growing season.  The grapes in the photo above came from a vine that was given to me.  I has seeds, which I’m not too fond of, but fortunately it produced a decent amount of grapes.  I lost some to the birds because I really didn’t think it was going to do anything as some of the grapes had a weird dark color.  There were quite a few bunches hiding behind the leaves which turned out to be pretty sweet and tasty.  We’ll see what happens next season.  I’ve never known what I should do to the vine as it sits dormant so I’ve been letting nature take it’s own course and wait to see what happens.

Jul 27 2016

Lambert’s — Home of the throwed roll


Lambert’s, home of the throwed roll.

During our trip to Alabama a visit to Lambert’s for a bit of home cooked goodness is a must. Both my son’s and I had eaten there previously but my wife and daughter hadn’t since this is their first time in Alabama.

After driving along the coast we ended our day of being tourists’ at Lambert’s. Once again, by the time our food orders arrived we were stuffed with the sides of food coming around to the tables so we packed our food to go and headed back to Atmore where we were staying. Ohhh…the sweet tea I drank there was the best this trip.

The whole family has now experienced the throwed roll restaurant in Foley Alabama…..the two hour wait and all!!

Jun 7 2015

High School Graduation


On May 21, 2015 I attended the high school graduation of my oldest son Austin. It’s the first graduation I’ve attended since my own high school graduation. At this graduation I was one of the many parents there extremely happy that their child was one of the many that had chosen to see their education through to this final night. Many high school kids are not completing their courses and are not able to wear the cap and gown to show they have earned a place at the graduation ceremonies.


Whenever I think I’ve given him enough information to make it on his own in this world, I remember another thing I forgot to tell him and think about picking up the phone to call him. Fortunately I don’t call because I’d have make that call many times.


I believe there’s a point where we (parents) have to let go and let our kids experience life for themselves. We’ll never be able to tell them how life is and have them really “get it” without them experiencing it on their own.

Fortunately Austin will be leaving soon to start the next phase of his life and education at Mississippi Valley State College. Because of his athleticism on the football field he was awarded a scholarship to play for the college, and because of that his responsibilities in the classroom and on the field will grow exponentially as so much more will be expected of him on a day to day basis.OGS70822

College will be the next phase in his life. I wish him luck and success.  I hope he remembers, I’m just a phone call away.

Nov 22 2014

Liar’s Ball by Author–K.F. Johnson


Being somewhat of a writer myself; I’ve always been interested in what inspires writers to write. I wanted to speak with writers and other such creative people to find out what makes them do what they do, and as a result I started a YouTube Channel and titled the interviews I’ve done Creative-Corner. On this channel there will be interviews of authors, photographers, writers, artists musicians and various other types of creative people doing what they do. This is one of the ways I feed my curiosity. The interview I did with Mrs. Johnson can be viewed here or below.



A few weeks ago on a Photography trip to Atlanta photographing and interviewing new couples for my upcoming book; I was able to schedule an interview with K.F. Johnson to speak with her about her latest book: Liar’s Ball.  This is K.F. Johnsons’ second book, which is a followup to her first book: “Behind Closed Doors“. Both are very good, page turning, I wanna know what’s going to happen next books.  They both are well worth the time you spend reading them. If you’re like I was while reading her books you want to know what’s going to happen, but at the same time the book is coming to an end very quickly. When the end does come you want to know what’s going to happen next, which makes you want the next installment right away.  If Mrs. Johnson knew that’s what her readers was looking for she was correct.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that was left hanging wanting to know more.

When I interviewed Mrs. Johnson for her first book she informed me she was busy working on the follow-up book where she would pick up where she left off in “Behind Closed Doors”.  This new book “Liar’s Ball” answers all the questions left unanswered in the first book.  Another great read!  If you don’t believe me, visit her amazon.com website purchase the book and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel Creative-Corner and listen to the interview.





Jul 12 2014




Yesterday I was reminded of the times when men would go out into the woods, fields, streams and elsewhere on a mission to bring home dinner.   During those times hunting large game such as deer, elk, moose, seals and whales guaranteed many days, and sometimes months of meat–depending on how the meat was preserved and stored.

The idea of the man being the hunter/gatherer came to me  while onboard a fishing boat leaving the Santa Barbara harbor. Onboard was approximately 40 men/fishermen (including one female and about five kids ranging in age from 9 to 16) with the intent of bringing back enough fish for dinner.

Full disclosure: Since this was a sport fishing boat not everyone onboard was really going out to catch fish for dinner. I overheard someone comment as we left the boat after fishing all day,”Most everyone on this boat is married, so that should tell you why most of them are here.”

I’m not a fisherman, but I was planning on having fish for dinner providing I caught anything. The idea of fishing as I see it involves a lot of patience and luck from the fish gods. I fished when I was young, but the fish gods never blessed my pole with the magic fish loved enough to accept my bait. As a result the last time I held a pole in my hands in an attempt to catch fish I was in my early teens. Yesterday was the first day of my current attempt at catching fish.

It is my thought that the fish gods remembered my failed attempts as a child and blessed me (along with the other 40 people on-board) with our limit of  fish.  I don’t say that out loud since I’m sure no one would believe me since sportfishing is a business complete with boats equipped with sonar of some sorts that locate large schools of fish.  One simply have to bait their hooks, drop them into the water with the appropriate lead weight and let it drop to the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes fish sacrifice themselves to the bait before it hits the bottom.

Although very tired from reeling in my catch along with the soothing therapeutic motions of the ocean. I was able to dine with family on fish I caught with my two hands and a borrowed pole and reel. All of this was because I decided to take a day off work to get away with a good friend and pretend it’s an attempt to be a hunter/gatherer/fisherman.


Feb 27 2014

Rain in L.A.


The photo above was shot early this morning (2-27-14) after the rain storm of last night passed. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen such threatening clouds over Los Angeles.  The tallest buildings of downtown were partially covered by the moving clouds.

There has been no rain for California this year as the state suffers through a severe drought. Last night southern California received about an inch of rain, but that won’t be nearly enough to help relieve the drought, especially since the state would’ve had at least 10 inches during normal rainfall.

Another rain storm is on it’s way right now. Cities suffering from fires this past year, along with their residents have been filling sandbags and boarding up areas prone to mud slides as southern California braces for the coming storm.

The California State Legislature is making a 600 million dollar relief package available which would allow Gov. Jerry Brown to use in an effort to help communities with infrastructure projects such as capturing stormwater and distributing recycled water.