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Welcome to SeventhSon Productions!

In 1999 began presenting 7 black and white photographic images and accompanying text in our "Image Gallery". We started out changing the images on the 7th of each month; since that time additional responsibilities and ever changing life commitments dictated that we change images every two or three months.

Our Ongoing Projects features "George the chair", a homeless chair that is forced to experience the world on it's own, one day at a time.

If you happen to miss a month of images or an episode of "George The Chair" the Seventhson Archives houses all the images and text since the very first month.

Along the way we've gone through a site redesign to make navigation easier. We've added other features such as our on-line portfolio link, the classic portrait (promotional) page, and The Collection Room. The Collection Room has images for sale. It's been redesigned and linked to to make purchasing images on-line easier and instantaneous.

Our most recent addition to the web site is "Profiles". Profiles is our magazine page which spotlights creative people in various disciplines from photography, painting, design, music, sculpture, dance, and many more. Currently we have not had the time nor staff necessary to to keep this page updated and current. Our staff is stretched pretty thin keeping the other pages updated. As we grow we'll have the staff necessary to keep on the cutting edge of web design.

With each passing year our Internet experience grows while we become widely recognized as a site that presents interesting, creative, educational, and thought provoking content.

At we live our lives through art and this site is our way of sharing part of our lives with you.

Thank you for your support.
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